Top 5 Casino Tips

Top 5 Casino Tips

Follow these casino tips to maximize your chances of walking away a winner.

1) Take advantage of bonuses and comps.

Casinos frequently give away bonuses to entice players to join, and these bonuses are often added to your balance immediately after depositing. This is an easy way to pad your bankroll with free cash. For example, Slots Capital Casino offers a 277% bonus up to $2,777, so for example, if you sign-up to the casino and deposit $100, you’ll see $377 in your account that you can gamble with.

2) Dodge the progressive slot machines.

Progressive slot machines draw players in with the promise of a huge jackpot. However, the jackpot rarely hits, so if you’re looking to stretch your bankroll out and get the biggest bang for your buck, stick to regular slot machines, as they pay out far more frequently.

3) Play slower.

Instead of setting the slot machine to auto-play, manually click the spin button and fully immerse yourself in the experience. This helps your bankroll last longer and makes the game more exciting, as you watch in anticipation for the reels to align in the correct order for a massive payout.

4) Try out video poker.

Video poker is a fun game with low variance, which means that you’re not likely to experience quick, large losses. The slow pace of video poker makes it an excellent game to play when you’re not looking to gamble too much and just want to unwind and have a good time.

5) Sit down at the poker tables.

Poker is one of the few games where you can consistently make money by outthinking the other players. Put your skills to test and decide to bluff when you believe someone’s weak, or fold your own hand when you think you’re beat. If you sign up at a site that offers rake back, you could wake up to see a nice bonus in your account after a long day of play.

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