Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide

If you’ve never even played poker before, I’ll recommend Absolute Poker as the first room to try because they have unlimited free tables. If you’ve played poker before, you should consider Party Poker because they have newbie tables and a lot of beginning players. At Absolute, once you leave the free tables you’ll come up against some skilled opponents, at Party there are newbies playing for money. Of course you can always check out the poker room reviews and shop around for a room that catches your eye. Once you find it, visit their website.

Download the Software

When you’re at the poker room’s website there will be plenty of buttons that say “Download Now” or “Click Here to Play”. Click one of them, and download the program. This program will let your computer talk to the poker room’s computers and allows you to join in on the games.

Open An Account

Once the program is installed on your machine, you need to open an account. Obviously put in your real information. People play for real money online, and if someone is misrepresenting themselves, it’s fraud. Once you open an account, you’re free to play. Every poker room online has free or “fun money” tables. Go enjoy. I recommend everyone play a while at the free tables, if for nothing other than getting used to the poker room. Find out where the buttons to act are, find out where the shortcut buttons are, and try out some of the features. Poker rooms all have a set of features you can use. Some offer multi-colored decks, or let you change the chat options or table background. Others let you take notes on your opponents so you know their tendencies when you face them again. Dig around and see what the poker room you’re playing at offers.

Fund your Account

When you’re ready to play at the real money tables, you need to put money into your poker account. This, unfortunately, isn’t always as easy as charging a credit card. Most credit card companies will deny transactions at an online poker room. It’s not the poker room that’s refusing your card, it’s the credit card company that’s refusing. Online poker rooms know this, and have developed a lineup of different deposit methods. The one that most online poker players use is Neteller, a e-wallet company. It takes several days to set up a Neteller account due to security checks. But, once in place, a Neteller account lets you move money from your bank to your Neteller. And from your Neteller to any poker room online. Now, you’re ready to play real poker, online.

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